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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Notereo?

Notereo is an interactive anonymous friendly app that lets you rent and receive a message from friends and family. To get started, create an account for free and share your profile link with your friends. Dare them to click on the link and complete the task. Now your friends will be able to compliment you anonymously. And, the best part,
Notereo is free!

How does Notereo keep me anonymous?

Even if you have an account on Notereo, when you send an anonymous message to someone, your data does not leave our server. It makes the whole process secure and worries-less.

What do Notereo's policies promise?

Notereo promises you that your identity is safe with us. Read Terms & Conditions for more information.

How Safe is Notereo?

Notereo is 100% safe. We work day and night to keep hate sentiments away from Notereo's users. We take strict actions against the perpetrators.

Why can't I see all the messages that I received?

The messages that you receive get archived after some time. But do not worry as you can still see them on the Archived Messages section present inside Settings.

How to turn on Push notifications on?

Notereo sends you a notification whenever you receive a new message. Allow site notifications turned on from your browser during the signup process or in the settings page.

How to change my password?

To change your Notereo password, go to your settings inside the app and tap on the "Change Password" button.

Can I change my username?

Yes, you can change your username. To change your Notereo username, go to your settings inside the app and tap on the "Change Username" button. Note that once you change your username, anyone would be able to use your previous username from that point.

How to recover my Notereo account?

To recover your Notereo account, simply enter your username in the "Forgot password" page and receive the recovery code via email. If you have not submitted your email while registering, it is not possible to manually recover your account.

Can I know who sent me a message?

Because of our policies, we cannot share much information with you regarding who sent you a particular message. However, If you feel that you are getting harassed, bullied, or threatened you can report the response using our in-house report system.

What happens when I report a message?

When you report a message, one of our support team members checks out your report thoroughly and takes appropriate actions against the perpetrator. In particular cases, we may ban the perpetrator completely using their IP address or Internet Service Provider (ISP) or their accounts if the action is continuous.

How can I deactivate my Notereo Account?

To deactivate your Notereo account, simply log out from the account and refrain from logging in again. Inactive accounts get automatically deactivated after some time.

Why do I need to Add my Email before reporting a message?

When you report a comment, We might need to get back to you for more details or feedback. So it is important that we have your email before you make a report.

What Notification channels can i use?

Notereo Gives you the ability to choose from 1 of three different notification channels: Telegram, Push Notifications and Email.

What happens if i configure all the notification channels?

Notereo gives priority to the notification channels in the order listed above. so the one with the higher priority will receive the notifications.